Produce Center

We know it can be hard to make it out to the local farmer’s market one night a week to stock up on fresh produce, and expect your purchases to stay fresh until the following week, so we are here to be your everyday farmer’s market. We have trucks in several times a week bringing plenty of fresh produce so that you can swing by on the way home, and pick up what you need to cook a fresh, delicious meal. We strive to only carry the best produce and buy as much local produce as possible. In fact, we have personal relationships with most of our local produce farmers.

**Looking for Mango Mango Preserves, as seen on Shark Tank?  We're fully stocked up, so stop on by to snag the mangoliciousness!**



Nittany Apples

Need some ideas on how to use fresh and local produce? Check out our recipe blog, Nalls' Kitchen!



Seckle Pears -- Romanesco Cauliflower -- Honeycrisp Apples 


3 quick and easy steps for freezing fresh vegetables:

  1. Put your corn in boiling water for 30 seconds to partially cook it.
  2. Rinse with cold water to cool corn for safe handling.
  3. Cut corn off cobb and store in freezer safe zip lock bag.

Note: For longer storage periods place in airtight bags/containers.

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